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Can I DIY install these products?
Absolutely! And we’ll support you every step of the way. * Templates: simply overlay in your cabinet and drill the marked points. * Installation videos: watch your product being installed down to the last screw. Simply follow along. * PDF instructions with diagrams. Follow the step by step instructions. Easy. * Still need help? No problem! Call Nathan, our chief engineer to talk you through it over the phone. * Stackhaus was developed for DIY installation.
How do I know if it fits my cabinets?
Simple! Send us a pic of your cabinet and we’ll show you how to measure. Always measure from inside the cabinet. 1. Open cabinet door. 2. WIDTH: measure inside left-to-right. 3. DEPTH: measure inside back-to-front. 4. HEIGHT: measure inside top-to-bottom. If your cabinet is 10mm wider, taller, and deeper than the product spec you’re good to go! Call us if you’re not sure and we’ll walk you through it.
What if don't want to install it myself?
No worries! Speak to us about one of our professional partner installers. Our partner cabinet makers can help you install it correctly and safely. Costs will vary between installers.
Can I retrofit into my existing kitchen?
Sure can! Simply send us a pic of your cabinet and we’ll see what fits. Decide if you’ll DIY install or we can find you a professional installer to help.
What is the buying process?
Call, email or go online. We’ll ship the item that day or the next. Need more help? No worries! > Send us a pic of your space. > We’ll help you measure up. > We’ll show you what fits. > Discuss payment options. > If you’re DIY we’ll ship it right away fully armed with instructions and installation videos. > Or we’ll help organise a professional installer to take it from there. Just remember, you have access to Nathan, our chief engineer every step of the way.
Why is Stackhaus more expensive than some others?
So important! It’s the old adage: “you get what you pay for.” Stackhaus bearings and runners are German made to last. All load bearing and moving parts are “over-engineered” to handle maximum weight capacities and heavy functional use. For a little extra, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you bought right. Our products are heavy duty and built to last. Beautifully designed, Stackhaus is a joy to use over the long term. Cheaper alternatives will wobble and sag. Sadly these cheaper alternatives may turn your dream kitchen into a nightmare. Stay clear of the imitators!
Where do you deliver?
Australia wide $19.95.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
5 – 7 business days. Saying that, if you’re local, we can sometimes do next day delivery if it’s urgent. So talk to us!
Can I pick up my items from your warehouse?
Yes, pickups from our warehouse in Condell Park, Sydney. Strictly by appointment. Let us know when you’re coming and we’ll be happy to meet you.
Can I change my mind?
Yes! 14 days to change your mind if the product hasn’t been opened or installed. Fair is fair: you will be required to cover return shipping.
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