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Kitchen Cupboard Storage

Kitchen Cupboard Storage

It’s easy to see why your kitchen cupboards look worn or tired, when you look at all the items you use them to store away. However, instead of wasting regular intervals of your time into organising your tall pantry storage, why not just do it right the first time? With the assistance of a carefully designed storage solution?

StackHaus has created a range of smart storage solutions for your tall pantry cupboards and other kitchen cabinets.Building on 25 years of engineering experienced, we have been inspired by intelligent German solutions to make storage easier in modern Australian kitchens. With stunning modern design, gentle soft close operation, and unparalleled durability. They make the perfect tool to tidy your kitchen.

  • Make Better Kitchens
  • Clean kitchens and without the clutter
  • Kitchen cabinets with sophisticated soft close
  • Easily and more conveniently access items
  • Durable heavy duty motion bearings and runners
  • Smart Kitchen Cupboard Storage

StackHaus has created a range of kitchen cupboard storage solutions to make cupboards more effective at organisation and storage. If you’re a fan of maintaining a clean and tidy appearance in your home kitchen, you’ll love all the time-tested and -proven solutions we have to offer.

You can enjoy a gleaming minimalist appearance across all our chrome plated, European stainless-steel framings. With butter smooth sliding operation from our German motion bearings and runners.

It’ll be a dream to have any excuse to pick out any item from within your kitchen cupboards.

Every product in our range is quality tested against the German kitchen standards 50,000 times. Creating kitchen cupboards that are optimised to best take on any loading or organising requirements.

Drawers for your Kitchen Cupboard

A great alternative to calling a carpenter, or cabinetmaker, to complete the inner fittings of your kitchen cupboards, is ordering a StackHaus product. We have storage solutions for tall pantry cabinets, overhead pantry cabinets, under counter pantry cabinets and more. When you have a storage need, we come with the engineering solutions to finish it in your kitchen.

Cutting Edge Sophistication – Tall Pantry Cupboards

Stackhaus tall pantry cupboard systems are created with stunning, sterling design. They are just one example of how smart engineered kitchens solutions do not just revolutionise the function of a kitchen but uplifts its appearance. Our tall pantry cupboard systems are made with clever compartments to neatly organise items so that anything can be seen and reached at a moment’s notice. These systems also slide out like drawers to present everything at an easy reach.

Handling That’s Never Been Easier – Overhead Pantry Cupboards

We’ve designed and created storage systems for overhead pantry cupboards . They’re so simple and easy to use when you need to reach the top shelf. That’s because they bring the top shelf down. Designed to look great in the kitchen with their clean wood finish or sleek metallic lines, it also looks stunning in your cupboards. The regal lift basket and supreme lift basket are favourites in our collection, especially when you always find yourself on your toes trying to reach some extra coffee or spices!

Easily Pick Up Any Item – Under Counter Pantry Cupboards

There is no end to how much convenience that these handy kitchen cupboard storage solutions are for under your kitchen counters . There is so many products and items that most homeowners seek to store here, as well as their different needs or requirements. StackHaus has created kitchen cupboard storage solutions for kitchen counter corners, under the sink, as well as your most used kitchen essentials.

Find the best kitchen cupboard storage solution at StackHaus. Contact our experts on 1300 062 062 for any assistance you require.

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