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Kitchen Pantry Storage

Kitchen Pantry Storage

Maximise the space in your kitchen with cleverly designed kitchen pantry storage.

At StackHaus, we are dedicated to creating innovations that make life simpler and more pleasing. When unexpected guests pop in or you are out of a product stable in your fridge, having a sophisticated kitchen pantry organizer will bring you that much needed fresh breath of air. Whether because it is so easy, sleek, and smooth to use, or it just looks that good.

Designed from 25 years of engineering and from the cutting-edge features of modern German kitchens, we are proud to bring you the latest kitchen pantry storage solutions in Australia.

Smart Slide Out Solutions

When space, storage and easy access is important, you’ll feel so much impressed with a kitchen pantry storage solution that slides.

Sliding or pull-out kitchen pantry systems have drawers that pull out to beautifully display all the products you’ve stored in your pantry. It makes it so much easier to find anything you need at a moment’s notice. With cutting edge design, it also makes your entire kitchen pantry that much more stunning.

Our kitchen pantry storage systems at StackHaus have been designed horizontally, as well as vertically, to best utilise the space in your kitchen pantry cabinets. So even with oddly shaped, or deep and narrow cabinets you can rest in the joy of an all-convenient solution.

They’re kitchen pantries that look and feel great!

Storage Solutions for your Kitchen Pantry

Store Dry Packaged Goods – Our Tall Pantry,Tandem Pantry and Tower Pantry all provide an excellent storage solution to store and organise your pastas, cereals, flour, sugars, and other grains. All within the elegant frame of chrome plated stainless steel, in a clever kitchen pantry storage that easily displays items and slides out.

Store Heavy Cans and Bottles – StackHaus’ kitchen pantry storage systems have a load capacity of up to 100kg with the Butler Series Tall Pantry. Therefore, it’s designed and well able to hold and store the more heavier kitchen essentials. Now you can organise and store cans of oil, jars of pickles or condensed milk with ease.

Store Extra Nibblies for Unexpected Guests – When guests drop by it always helps to have an extra few items in your shelves or drawers to help set the mood and entertain them. Our kitchen pantry organizers are just the perfect thing to easily keep some of your guests or your own favourite snacks on hand.

A Place for Every Spice – Clever Spice Storage & Organisation

Easily spot the next spice in the recipe you need with our Regal or Supreme lift baskets. They’re the perfect idea for stylish and easy spice storage. Folding easily up into your overhead pantry cabinets, you’ll find no trouble bringing the top shelf down to store, hide and organise smaller items in your kitchen. It’s no wonder our StackHaus family find this to be a great spice organiser for any, and every kitchen.

Organise Your Pantry

Everything in your kitchen pantry becomes a soothing sight to the eye when it’s all properly organised. You can find the ideal organising solution with our range of kitchen pantry organisers!

StackHaus products are all designed with both the ideal organisation and storage in mind. Each product is made with clever compartments, shelves and sometimes separators. So that you can find just the right place for every food product and piece in your kitchen. With our excellent kitchen pantry organisers, you can tuck things away out of sight and out of mind – and without fearing the clutter once you open your pantry again.

From organising all your oils, wheats, flours, cans, and jars, to fitting in the perfect handy spice organiser to keep all your kitchen grill outs enjoyable. StackHaus has all the solutions for a tidy, well-organised kitchen!

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