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Overhead Lift Systems
Overhead Lift Systems

Quality Overhead Lift Systems

Ingenious Overhead Lift Systems

Modern solutions to reaching the top shelf. Family owned and life focused, we understand that when it comes to owning a home how you use every nook and cranny is important. One such common problem we often hear a lot is the top cabinets No matter the height of the people at home, top shelves generally don’t provide convenience to anybody. Even tall individuals can find it hard to pull out an item stored at the top section, in the back. That’s why we’re pleased to present StackHaus’ range of Overhead Lift Systems with the Regal Lift Basket and Supreme Lift Basket.Now you can conveniently bring the top shelving of high cabinets to the bottom shelf. A great invention for people with disabilities, limited mobility, or the elderly.

Get to High Cabinets with Ease - Building Smarter Kitchens

Intelligent Practicality | Regal Lift Basket
Bring your kitchen ahead of the times with StackHaus’ Regal Lift Basket. Highly desired, the basket offers a reputably modern overhead lift system that clients love using to maximise their space in the kitchen. Configured with four separate shelving on two rows that swing down when you pull down the handle. The Regal Lift Basket offers impressive edge-apart style and function with its state-of-the-art design. So, you can beautifully organise kitchen essentials in clean compartments that revel in European stainless steel in sleek and slender lines.

Easy Access Shelving | Supreme Lift Basket

Effortlessly keep stock and manage your beloved sauces and seasonings with the StackHaus Supreme Lift Basket. Fitted with two rows of wide shelving and a handle to adjust height, the Supreme Lift Basket provides the ideal solution for storing the bottles of oil, marinades and flavouring products that you use less frequently. Providing you with the opportunity to stock up on all your favourite brands and rubs when they go on sale. Additionally, with its light neutral colouring, the overhead lift system holds versatile appeal – meaning it won’t clash with other designs.

Guided by 25 Years in Engineering Kitchens

StackHaus is an Australian owned and operated family. Before selling our products, we have been working in engineering for over 25 years. As engineers, we’re devoted to helping people make their lives simpler. Now with our suite of kitchen cabinet storage solutions, we are confident we can do that after rigorously studying German kitchens and testing our products to their standards – 50,000 times. We invite you to also discover the difference that our Overhead Lift Systems offer:

  • Accessibility – Our lift systems make it easier to both store items up and out of sight, and to bring things down when you need to.
  • Organisation - Crafted with carefully planned and tested shelving, StackHaus Overhead Lift Systems help guide you in compartmentalising items and keeping your kitchen clean.
  • Durability – Made from high quality European stainless steel and strong German motion bearings and runners, you can trust these products to last the test of time.
  • Soft Close – With StackHaus’ Overhead Lift Systems you never have to worry about slamming on wood or fingers. Our clients can always feel safely at ease with our lift baskets.
  • Modern Sophistication – On top of ease of function, our lift baskets are sure to timelessly stun with a clear high attention to detail.

You Focused - We Never Leave You Hanging

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