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Under-Counter Systems
Under-Counter Systems

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions & Under Counter Systems

Innovative Kitchen Corner Cabinet Solutions

With all the food we love seeing on television, it’s no secret that Australians love cooking. Everyone now wants to be able to keep the latest appliances, cooking utensils, tools and ingredients on hand to be able to cook a variety of dishes. However, with the limits of a small kitchen, it can be hard to see how. Enter StackHaus’ kitchen corner cabinet solutions and under kitchen sink storage. Built and founded on 25 years of engineering knowledge we have created a line of smart kitchen storage solutions that maximises and organises storage in the kitchen. So now, you can follow your creative cooking muse with delectable creations, wherever it takes you.

Store like a Butler | Kitchen Cabinet Storage

  • Butler Series Tray Basket - Make the best use of the long, narrow spaces in your kitchen counter cabinets with StackHaus’ Butler Series Tray Basket. Store condiments, heavy bottles and more on an easily divided German-styled pull out drawer.
  • Kitchen God - Compartmentalise the essential tools and resources in your kitchen and make them easy to access whenever needed with the Kitchen God. Offering unmatched kitchen cabinet storage with removable trays, now you can say goodbye to half opened sugar bags spilling over the floor. It gives you incredible convenience whenever you need access to anything inside.

Use all the Space in the Corner | Kitchen Corner Cabinet Solutions -

  • Show Hand Corner Deluxe - Organising appliances, as well as pots and pans, the Show Hand Corner Deluxe makes storing bigger items easy. The four shelves allow you to store conveniently left and right, top and bottom. Slide and pull out shelving also lessens the burden on your back, and your time.
  • Arena 270 Revolving Basket - The Arena 270 degrees Revolving Basket offers two round shelves that fit under in the corner of your kitchen, with rotation to make selecting and pulling out items easy. Store plates, bowls, pots and pans on a convenient rotator, and enjoy cutting excess time from your cooking prep or table set up.

The Secret Weapon to Impress | The Magic Kitchen Corner –

  • Magic Corner Pro - Organise your Kitchen Corner Cabinet with four wide shelves for storage with the Magic Corner Pro. Opening vertically out from the corner of your kitchen. It offers seamless gliding in operation and soft close.

Effortless Cleaning | Under Kitchen Sink Storage –

  • The Mondo Trough Basket - The Mondo Trough Basket allows you to store small items around your drain pipes. It easily slides out as an ingenious hidden drawer for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sink. Letting you cleverly store detergents, sponges, soaps, etc out of sight.
  • Platinum Cleaning Caddy - The Platinum Cleaning Caddy allows you to reduce clutter under your kitchen sink with a system that makes all your items easily accessible. Making storage easier and more convenient than ever. Whenever you need to start cleaning you can access your cleaning products on a pull out drawer that neatly organises everything. Slide out your caddy and pull out whatever cleaning products you need for the job.
  • Better yet, you can pick up and take the caddy with you! Before returning it when you’re done. The tray at the bottom picks up all your spills, so you also don’t have to worry about the products weakening your cabinet.
  • The Leaders in Kitchen Innovation We at Stack Haus are an Australian family dedicated to helping other Australian families get the best value out of their kitchens. You can always trust us to help you store and organise your items well.
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