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Reinvent your Kitchen with Smart Pantry Storage Solutions

Reinvent your kitchen storage with the help of the StackHaus suite of products.

Our Australian owned and operated family is backed by 25 years of engineering. So, when it comes to crafting kitchen pantry storage, we are the specialists with designs that revel in unparalleled technological practicality.

All StackHaus products are exclusively made for us and tested to meet the standards of a German Kitchen.

We have thereby been able to provide an innovative modern line of overhead lift, under the counter and pantry storage solutions to cater to your storage needs. If you can’t find a product that fits the needs or measurements of your kitchen storage, you can talk to our team about custom making one to fit your exact requirements.

At StackHaus, we make it worthwhile to shop with us. By exercising a focus on excellent quality and the latest technological advancements in design.

Why invest in Smarter Kitchen Storage?

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in our homes, and it's an area that we all have to spend a lot of time in. It can quickly become cluttered with piles of pots and pans, spices, dishes, and other cooking gadgets. And we want to be able to cook efficiently in this room without having to spend a long time searching for what we need when we need it. That's why investing in products such as kitchen cupboard storage, under kitchen sink organizers, kitchen pantry drawers, tall pantry cabinets and all kinds of kitchen pantry storage cabinets or units is so worthwhile! Resulting in more efficiency for your daily routine.

While many feel the pressure to invest into multiple kitchen pots, pans, tools and accessories, what’s often not as talked about is how to store them. With this lack of oversight, it can be easy to create cluttered kitchens that damages goods and makes navigating through this area difficult.

  • Effectively Organise Your Pantry
  • At StackHaus, our products have been designed to help you with pantry organisation, no matter the size – big or small.

    Our pantry storage systems allow you to compartmentalise the way you store items with multiple shelving and occasionally removable baskets. So you can enjoy a helper in organising your kitchen goods, and keeping the area clean. Using multiple shelving, carefully studied space design and smooth movement systems, you can always rely on your investment in a StackHaus product to make reaching items in the kitchen easier.

  • Long Lasting Operation
  • Furthermore, our pantry storage solutions are built to last. Inspired by German kitchen storage design and built using the highest quality of European stainless steel, our products exercise great endurance and strength. They are fitted also with heavy duty German motion bearings and runners, and lastly tested 50,000 times to meet the demands of a German kitchen.

Tried and Tested Solutions for Kitchen Storage

  • Overhead Lift Systems –These are designed for high kitchen pantry cabinets and top shelves. A popular investment for the elderly or people with disabilities.
  • Pullout Pantry Systems –Our pantries with pull out systems simplify pantry organisation and storage. Adding contemporary flair and optimal function to once simple kitchen pantries. Pantry shelving being so easily accessible, everything is right at your fingertips.
  • Under-Counter Systems –Reducing the time you spend fishing heavy items from under the counter. StackHaus Under-Counter Systems can slide, fold out or rotate to give you easy access to anything you stack underneath. Perfect to organise small pantries or as a storage solution to kitchen pantry corners.

We also Offer Solutions for Your Bathroom Storage Problems

If you're like most people, your bathroom sink area is probably a mess. There's no need to live with that anymore! With some clever organisation and storage solutions, you can bring order to this disorganised space. Simply by having an under-bathroom sink storage, under sink storage or maybe an under sink pull out you can not only get rid of clutter that gets in the way every day. But there are also several health benefits as well such as less stress from trying to find things quickly or fewer chemicals being released into the air.

Customised Solutions to Your Home’s Storage

At StackHaus, you can always be assured that you will receive an attentive and personalised approach to customer service in regards with any pantry shelving products. Our team is always dedicated to helping you get exactly what you need to help you maximise the under-utilised places of storage in the home.

If you’re finding difficulty in finding a solution to storage in our range for your kitchen pantry, you can contact us to put together a custom order to serve you.

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