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Tall Pantry Storage Cabinet

Tall Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Make the best use of the vertical space in your kitchen with the best storage solutions for your tall kitchen cabinets.

Stackhaus has designed and created a range of tall kitchen pantry cabinets to maximise your ease of storage for items in the pantry. Inspired by German kitchen engineering and made with heavy duty motion runners and bearings, they offer smooth gliding operation that’s guaranteed to last for years.

Our Butler Series Tall Pantry, Butler Series Tandem Pantry and Space Series Tower Pantry, are just the solutions to tall kitchen storage cabinets that modern Australian kitchens have been waiting for.

And guided by 25 years of engineering, you can have the assurance of high-quality storage that promises to deliver.

Why StackHaus?

We started with a mission to provide homeowners across Australia with the best storage solutions for their kitchens. Our company is an Australian owned and operated, as well as family run.

Our tall kitchen pantry cabinets offer all the perfect solutions to store items in your kitchen in a way that’s always satisfying. After all, organisation always looks good!

  • Every product is made with high quality European stainless steel
  • German motion runners and bearings
  • Soft Close Operation
  • DIY Installation Available

StackHaus’ range of systems for tall kitchen storage cabinets provides the answer for durable, clean, and clever storage. Driven by solutions, each product we’ve created promises to deliver a new way of storage. To make every experience of pulling things out of your kitchen more enjoyable.

Butler Series Tall Pantry | The Future of Storage

Our Butler Series Tall Pantry makes a great solution for filling in the drawers of the tall, deep but narrows spaces in your kitchen. Inspired by German kitchen engineering, they give you tall kitchen cabinets resemblant of designs often imagined of the future. With specially designed tall pantry shelves, to make the most of your kitchen pantry’s vertical space.

Butler Series Tandem Pantry | Brilliantly Display Bottles & Spices

The Butler Series Tandem Pantry is a tall kitchen cabinet with clever door racks for storage for smaller items. It’s a great place to store and organise spices, condiments or other types of seasonings. Whilst giving larger items in your pantry their needed space and support in five strong trays that effortlessly glide out. Perfect and easy for you to handle and use.

Space Series Tower Pantry | Sturdy Storage for Every Tray

The StackHaus Space Series Tower Pantry is a robust work of engineering genius. Made and designed with sturdy shelves that pull out as you open the door, it’s an impressive tall pantry solution for organising and storing much of your kitchen goods.

Clever Kitchen Storage for Your Cabinets

Smart ideas, such as using StackHaus storage systems for tall pantry cabinets, provide an exceptional way to modernise your home. Letting you recreate every part of your kitchen into a place that’s both useful and a beautiful display. It’s the clever way to orchestrate your kitchen.

We give you more ideas on how to best use your StackHaus tall pantry cabinet below:

Store Bottles and Jars – Our systems for tall kitchen storage cabinets are designed for both ease of access and strength. So you can easily store, hold and display the heavier items in your kitchen such as bottles, cans and jars.

Store Wheats and Dry Goods – With multiple shelves in each system and good spatial design, you can store all your dry packaged goods for fast access whether you’re cooking pasta or baking.

Create a Butler’s Entertaining Pantry – Your tall pantry becomes an item of display during an event. It’s a stylish and hassle-free way to serve new bottles or snacks that can be tucked into by guests.

For any assistance with a custom solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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