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Under Bathroom Sink Storage

Under Bathroom Sink Storage

It’s common to always be looking for more room for storage in the bathroom. Clean and crisp bathrooms after all, demand solutions to get rid of the clutter.

Make the most of your existing bathroom’s design by optimising the pieces you already have, with clever storage hacks for under your bathroom sink.

At StackHaus, we are an Australian owned and operated family, with 25 years in engineering storage solutions. Inspired by German cabinets, we have designed a range of different under sink bathroom cabinets that will keep all the bathroom clutter away, while keeping all the essentials just within reach!

  • Why Use StackHaus’ Under Bathroom Sink Storage?
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Intelligent, easy-access storage solutions
  • Drawers that will last through the life of your bathroom
  • Make everyday living more simple
  • Sliding Under Bathroom Sink Drawer Storage

The Mondo Trough Basket is a handy little organising drawer that can go right under your bathroom sink. Our high-quality under bathroom sink storage products are perfect for fitting around all of a sink’s plumbing. It’s also the perfect solution for your under-sink bathroom cabinets, working in alignment with the back-facing ‘u’ shape to fit around the
balustrade of pedestal sinks.

  • Easy DIY Installation
  • European Stainless Steel
  • German Made Motion Bearings and Runners
  • Fully Extends Out for Great Access
  • Soft Close
  • Portable Caddy for Under Bathroom Sink Cabinets

The Platinum Cleaning Caddy is the perfect addition to install in your under-sink cabinets. Keeping all your shampoo, conditioner, or body wash refills neatly together. Alternatively, keep everything to clean your bathroom neatly close by, all in one place! This is just one example of how StackHaus creates products that innovates. The caddy basket easily extends out for quick hassle-free access. With a drain wire to hold the bottles and a drip tray to catch anything that spills through. Therefore, you can count on a under bathroom sink storage solution that keeps itself dry for the most hygienic environment for under your bathroom sink. Made with stainless steel, it’s also corrosion resistant. And its most handy feature is that you can easily pop it off and take the caddy with you anywhere around the house!

  • Removable and Portable Basket
  • Included Drip Trays
  • DIY Installation
  • European Stainless Steel
  • Soft Close
  • The Best Solutions for your Under Sink Bathroom Cabinet

At StackHaus, we believe that the best solutions for storage around your bathroom and kitchen should always be simple to use. We have created some of the most intelligent and durable storage solutions for even the small and more nuanced places in your home, such as your under-sink bathroom cabinet. After 25 years of engineering, we’re happy to pass on this benefit of innovative modern appliances to our customers. To help elevate their everyday living.

Personalised Service for a Custom Solution

Smaller bathrooms can be a source of frustration without the proper storage. So, it makes sense that you want as much as space and organisation of your goods as you can get. No matter the bathroom, our professional team are up to the task to help. If you need more assistance, information or an answer to your query about our under-bathroom sink storage, we encourage you to get in touch!

You can call us on 1300 062 062 or (02) 4811 1910, or email us on At StackHaus, you are always connected to a staff member who can help when you call. We’re always ready to best assist you with getting the right solution to your storage needs.

Need a customised storage solution?
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