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Under Kitchen Sink Storage

Under Kitchen Sink Storage

The kitchen sink has always been one of the prime workstations for cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. Therefore, we believe it’s worth it to invest in storage and organisation under your kitchen sink. It’s the foolproof way to make your kitchen and cleaning tasks more efficient!

At StackHaus, we’ve been providing Australian families the best ideas when it comes to practical under kitchen sink storage solutions. Letting you keep everything you need to keep your home clean, clutter free and all the essentials in reach!

Our under-kitchen sink storage products are strong, durable, and elegant in design and operation. For a modern Australian kitchen that is easy to use and stunning to behold.

StackHaus’ Under Sink Systems

There’s a clear difference with every StackHaus product, borne from 25 years of engineering.

Our under-kitchen sink organizers pull out with a seamless and butter smooth operation on durable German motion bearings and runners. Crafted from quality European stainless steel, each is also resistant to the corrosion that can come from water or detergents.

Under Kitchen Sink Organizer

Organise everything under your kitchen sink

When everything is clean and organised in the kitchen, all your home cleaning tasks becomes easier.

Our Platinum Cleaning Caddy and Mondo Trough Basket offers some effective storage ideas when it comes to organising all the things under your kitchen sink.

They make finding, locating, and using the most suitable cleaning products easier than ever.

So, you can cut out that time you inevitably lose when your teenager asks you where everything is before their chores.

Under Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions

Store effectively, even around drainage pipes and plumbing

The space under your kitchen sink needs a planned solution when it comes to storage. It’s a difficult area, as you have the unique challenge of pipes invading the centre of this space. It’s also an area that often gets wet, as its susceptible to water from your kitchen sink.

Our systems at StackHaus provides some of the best solutions for under sink kitchen storage that is appealing, tidy and makes the most of this space. Our under sink counter organisers makes storing your kitchen cleaning products more soothing on the eye and on your back.

Store Sponges, Cloths & Scourers

The Mondo Trough Basket fits in the space just under your kitchen sink. Designed to fit around your kitchen sink’s plumbing, you will find that it offers a lot of space for storage. All whilst delivering on a storage solution that is attractive, easy to use and simple to slide out. It was also made with a drain slat design, to help aerate and keep sponges dry.

Store Detergents, Sprays & Hand Wash

For larger bottles, liquids and sprays, the Platinum Cleaning Caddy is a great idea for storage. Fitting easily at the corner of an under kitchen sink cabinet, it is a storage system that doesn’t take up much space. All while allowing you to easily store or pull out items from the back of your under sink cabinet with ease.

The Difference of StackHaus

We’re a company that is Australian owned and family run. Motivated with a purpose for assisting other Australian families with their organisation and storage needs, we have designed a suite of products to make everyday life in the kitchen simple.

Whenever you purchase a StackHaus product you can rest in the assurance of –

  • High Calibre Materials
  • 25 Years of Engineering
  • Soft Close Operation
  • Excellent Ease of Use
  • Clean and Sleek Sophistication

We have created innovative solutions for great storage under your kitchen sink, after taking inspiration from the leading-edge functionality of German kitchens.

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