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Under Sink Pull Out

Under Sink Pull Out

The kitchen and the bathroom are both known in interior design for their desired neatness. Unfortunately, they are also areas that quickly gather up mess.

Are you looking for more ways to keep the clutter at bay? That’s where we can help.

StackHaus has created a line of stainless steel under sink pull out storage solutions that helps you put and keep everything in its right place. Even in more nuanced areas and needs, such as right under your sink. Letting you put even those more areas that are difficult to fit with drawers to excellent use! Our under sink pull out drawers will keep everything beneath your sink clean, dry, and quickly at your fingertips!

Under Sink Pull Out Drawer | Keep Refills Close

Solve the problem of kitchen essential item clutter around your sink. Create an easy to access storage drawer that fits around your piping. The Mondo Trough Basket is designed to easily slide out and give a storage solution for refill items around the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. It’s a perfectly handy solution to under kitchen sink pull out storage, with a ‘u’ shape to easily fit around all your sink’s piping.

Under Kitchen Sink Pull Out Storage | Store All Your Bigger Bottles

Store all the cleaning products essential in keeping your kitchen tidy, easily just under your kitchen sink. We’ve designed our Platinum Cleaning Caddy to give the perfect amount of space to each cleaning product. With a drain wire bottom and tray to keep your products dry and catch all the drips. Our under sink pull out storage is made with stainless steel, for a durable and corrosion-resistant shine.

Keep Everything Neat

Compartmentalisation is the growing open secret of a pleasingly clean and elegant home. At StackHaus, we have designed our range of products with this insight.

Our Platinum Cleaning Caddy is just one example of how we have made storing and organising your items in the kitchen neatly, simpler. Made with thinner tray compartments on both sides to allow you to easily see and give a proper no-squeeze place for your cleaning products. The Mondo Trough Basket also offers just the perfect amount of space to store sponges, cloths, spare handwashes, air fresheners and hand sanitisers.

Keep Everything Dry

The area around your sink is already an area wet enough already from all the menial tasks and cleaning you perform there. It’s no surprise that the items you normally store just under your sink usually get wet too. If not from the tap water itself, then from the spills than can usually occur around from the tops of bottles of cleaning products.

Our under sink pull out drawers and slide out caddy are designed with a stainless-steel wire rack bottom. Keeping everything aerated, hygienic and dry.

Make Everything Easy to Access

Enjoy the sophistication of a storage drawer that lets you put no strain on your back.

Under sink pull out drawersp easily slides out for access that’s easier and more convenient than ever before. Saving you time and effort. While it’s something that’s relatively small and simple, in your everyday life you’ll see that it makes quite a difference. For under kitchen sink pull out storage with gliding operation that’s effortlessly quiet and smooth.

The StackHaus Difference

After 25 years of experience in engineering, all our designs are created with a highly technological finesse that sets them apart. Our Australian owned and operated family has made these products after taking inspiration and studying intelligent German kitchens. Devoted to promising the long life, smooth performance, and endurance of these systems; we have also gone further and tested all our designs between 50,000 to 100,000 times.

Therefore, whenever you bank on a StackHaus product, you can have full assurance of a system you can trust. Everything you can see in our range is designed and sold exclusively by us.

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