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Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage

When you are running out of place for room to store items out of sight and out of mind, a smart under sink storage solution may be just what you are looking for!

Easily stowed underneath your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry sink. Under-sink drawers are the perfect solution to keep your sponge, cloths, wipes, and other cleaning materials close on hand.

And they are expertly designed to fit around your plumbing.

Designed for Easy, Practical Living

All our storage solutions at StackHaus are life focused. Designed to assist you to the fullest to make the most of your every day.

Our Mondo Trough Basket and Platinum Cleaning Caddy are just two examples of the excellent solutions for storage and organisation in our range. Offering some solid ideas for those looking for a good organiser for under-sink storage.

Slide Out Under Sink Storage | Clever Under Sink Drawers

There’s so much space around and under your sink. Yet sadly, it’s a space that’s so often missed!

The drainpipes and plumbing don’t have to get in the way. Our Mondo Trough Basket at StackHaus is expertly designed to work around the pipes. Giving you a clever little solution for sliding out drawers fitted just under your sink.

You don’t need to worry about being dainty with it. Made from stainless steel, it won’t easily rust or stain. You only need to wipe it down every now and then to help keep your drawers dry, shiny, and clean.

Smart Under Sink Storage Solutions | Under Sink Storage

What if we told you that under-sink cleaning bottles, detergents, and waxes didn’t have to be a mess?

Banish clutter under the sink with a under sink storage solution that makes all your items easy to reach. The Platinum Cleaning Caddy was specially designed to provide Australians with simple slide out under-sink storage. No longer will you have to go onto your hands and knees to retrieve anything placed at the back of your under sink cabinet.

To use it, open your drawer and slide out your handy under sink storage to access anything in there at a moment’s notice. Even better, you can pop off the basket and take it with you anywhere!

Organise Everything Under Your Sink

Make every cleaning product under your sink simple to reach and a delight to look at!

If the modern minimalist has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes less is more. Great organisation makes navigating, looking through and using any space delightful. Our under-sink organisers practically put everything in under sink cabinets into place. Each StackHaus product is designed to assist you in keeping the kitchen clean with practical and neat compartments.

Technological under sink storage solutions are just some of the latest ideas out there to add finesse to the modern kitchen.

Handy Storage for the Kitchen Sink

Utilise your under-sink cabinet to the fullest and get rid of the clutter on your kitchen worktops or laundry room. Clean and practical under sink storage for kitchens is a desire of many who have a small kitchen or laundry room.

Keep all the Essentials Under the Bathroom Sink

When beauty and hygiene products go on sale, the search for more bathroom storage again begins. Why not invest in a little organiser for more practical storage? Our U-shaped or caddy drawers are the perfect solution to install in under sink cabinets.

Maintain Backup Softeners Below the Laundry Sink

Also dubbed the utility room, it only makes sense to have all the handy tools to effectively clean clothes, close on hand.

Discover StackHaus

The StackHaus range of products are created and supplied exclusively by us. There is a clear difference in quality, design, and performance with every product: –

  • High Calibre Materials
  • 25 Years of Engineering
  • Soft Close Operation
  • Excellent Ease of Use
  • Cutting Edge Sophistication
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